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A few things about me

What I love about what I do – whether through my writing, facilitating or spiritual healing – is witnessing my clients’ dumping of obsolete beliefs so they can realize the joy of their new found freedom. Exciting!


As a multi-lingual flight attendant who evolved into a psychic, spiritual healer and writer, my multi-dimensional writings are funny, enlightening and empowering. Laugh, learn and lighten up!

Psychic Readings & Spirit Mediumship

When tuning into a live person, a happily deceased spirit or a restless not-quite departed soul, my intention is for my client to be at peace with what is so all affected can move onwards and upwards.

Workshop Facilitation

Individuals and groups are happier when they have what they really want. In these workshops, I intuitively unearth clarity and offer a path to unleash the greatest value of the individual and the group.


  • Just a quick to note of thanks and awesome appreciation for the reading you did for me here at my home. Have been digesting it and allowing the lovely plans to shine through. The information was timely and so much appreciated. Thanks gain for taking the time to meet with me.

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • My dear Natasha,
    From the desert , through the mysteries of Carmel, the streets of France and the thrills of flying, you have woven exciting tales of the supernatural that should delight readers everywhere. Someone should put them on film. Congratulations and thank you. much love.

    Michael Anderson
  • Hola Natasha,

    Muchas gracias! You are awesome, you got me out of a black hole in one hour and you made me understand how to apply the law of attraction myself; I fully believe in it but I never really knew how to apply it myself.

    Squamish, British Columbia
  • I listened to my reading last night, it’s so wonderful, thank you! You do very important work.

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Thank you so much, Natasha. I really enjoyed it! It was really nice to see my grandfather healthy as he passed away from alzheimers not long ago. Thanks for your time and the chat I really appreciate it! I’m looking forward to see the changes….well I already started….my face is almost healed!  Looking forward to my next regression!

    Mell P.
    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Your book “Aaagh!! I Think I’m Psychic” came into my life 13 days ago. Reading it has been like drinking a glass of water when you are incredibly thirsty…with a thirst you have had all your life.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your story and wisdom. So many “aha!!” moments in the book that help me make sense of my life experiences.  And now I have the start of a path forward with my own steadily emerging and growing intuitive/psychic faculties.

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • It was so wonderful to meet you to Natasha. You have a magical, loving, beautiful spirit. I was so impressed with your abilities, wisdom and how you present yourself.

    I want you to know that you clarified some things for me, like the five priests in my bedroom.

    Okanagan, British Columbia

Fundraising for children

Since 2011 my husband and I have worked with Por Los Ninos and have facilitated the acquisition of 180 desks for two schools, sent/ delivered 36 suitcases full of educational supplies as well as raising extra $$$ for school additions. Help us do more!

Natasha’s Buy-A-Desk

Lift a child out of the dirt, literally. Donate one or more desks for $45.00 CAD each. Contact me or donate directly by clicking here.

School Supplies

Contact me to donate your old backpacks, pencils, dry erasers, writing paper, educational games. Visit the Por Los Ninos website and donate whatever you choose.

Donate Directly

Choose to donate a little or a lot. It all makes a difference. Buy a school uniform, pencils, a desk or a meal for a child. Visit