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A few things about me

What I love about what I do – whether through my writing, facilitating or spiritual healing – is witnessing my clients’ dumping of obsolete beliefs so they can realize the joy of their new found freedom. Exciting!


As a multi-lingual flight attendant who evolved into a psychic, spiritual healer and writer, my multi-dimensional writings are funny, enlightening and empowering. Laugh, learn and lighten up!

Psychic Readings & Spirit Mediumship

When tuning into a live person, a happily deceased spirit or a restless not-quite departed soul, my intention is for my client to be at peace with what is so all affected can move onwards and upwards.

Workshop Facilitation

Individuals and groups are happier when they have what they really want. In these workshops, I intuitively unearth clarity and offer a path to unleash the greatest value of the individual and the group.


  • Thank you so much Natasha. I really enjoyed it! It was really nice to see my grand father healthy as he passed away from alzheimers not long ago. I didn’t realize my regression was 2 hours it didn’t seem that long that’s why I was chatting at the end….haha….thanks for your time and the chat I really appreciate it! I’m looking forward to see the changes….well I already started….my face is almost healed!

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Thank you for sending my reading….it was a treat to listen to it again. I have started reading your book and am finding it very interesting…couldn’t put it down, and when I finally did, I couldn’t sleep! I’ll start earlier next time! Cheers,   Donna

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • It was so wonderful to meet you to Natasha. You have a magical, loving, beautiful spirit. I was so impressed with your abilities, wisdom and how you present yourself. I want you to know that you clarified some things for me.

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Thank you for the consultation yesterday! I realized that our time yesterday was more than just an intellectual chat, so thank you for sharing your gifts as well as your experiences and thoughts in helping me find some clarity and techniques for managing my “gifts”. Much to process and integrate in the coming days and weeks.  Please do put me on the email list for upcoming workshops (such as in Kelowna). I look forward to it/them.

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • I just unpacked last office bag of “stuff” and I came across notes from an old reading from 2013. You said I would move in mid-2015 to a 2BR cottage on the waterfront…with wysteria growing across the front door! So its a condo rather than cottage but with a huge deck it feels like one! That was an OMG moment that I thought I would share with you! Now I’m waiting for that “tall guy with a boat to show up”!! LOL. All best!

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • I really enjoyed the workshop last Saturday.  I was able to manifest a financial resolution to an issue I have been struggling with since last November!! YAY!  Thank you universe!  Check…one off my list! 🙂

    Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Thank you for the Workshop!! I didn’t realize until after this workshop that;
    Everything I have and every situation I have in my life has been placed there because of Love for something and this has brought on a tremendous feeling of Gratitude I have never had before. Thank you again.

    Okanagan, British Columbia

Fundraising for children

Since 2011 my husband and I have worked with Por Los Ninos and have facilitated the acquisition of 180 desks for two schools, sent/ delivered 36 suitcases full of educational supplies as well as raising extra $$$ for school additions. Help us do more!

Natasha’s Buy-A-Desk

Lift a child out of the dirt, literally. Donate one or more desks for $45.00 CAD each. Contact me or donate directly by clicking here.

School Supplies

Contact me to donate your old backpacks, pencils, dry erasers, writing paper, educational games. Visit the Por Los Ninos website and donate whatever you choose.

Donate Directly

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