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Flight of Your Life: Confessions of a 1970s Air Hostess

by Natasha Rosewood

In Flight of Your Life, Confessions of a 1970s Air Hostess, Natasha, a multilingual British air hostess recounts her uproarious adventures in the 70s flying short haul all over Europe for a notoriously unsafe airline while dealing with the idiosyncrasies of numerous nationalities−and survives to tell the tales.

Not only do drunken exit-removing Scottish football supporters, naughty captains, haunted aircraft and flying on old, defective planes threaten her safety, she must also navigate the eccentricities of outrageous passengers and crew.
Even on the ground, friends’ “emergencies” and her own romantic escapades threaten to derail her.

But through it all, Natasha shows us the best, the worst and the funniest sides of humanity and how imperfect and lovable we all are.

About Natasha

“If my mother hadn’t been psycho, I wouldn’t be psychic”

Natasha’s motivation is helping others acknowledge their amazing potential.

 “I am honored, blessed and deeply moved when, after a session, my clients release negative beliefs and realize the joy of their new-found freedom.”

After surviving life in her large, chaotic family in Oxfordshire, England, and as a reincarnation of a “gypsy,” Natasha found her niche as a flight attendant and while traveling extensively, also learned palmistry.  The study of metaphysics would become her passion.  While living in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Libya, she acquired the languages of those countries as well as learning basic Italian and Spanish before immigrating to British Columbia, Canada.

Since 1995, when Natasha finally surrendered to her fate as a full-time psychic, she has evolved from palm reader to psychic coach, facilitating spiritual healing and psychic development offering corporate and private workshops, writing her three books and columns.  As well as her other services where she offers private, phone or online consultations to people/groups around the world, she now provides her latest dynamic process of Quantum Healing.  Utilizing the momentum of accelerated energy, Natasha facilitates clearing ghosts of the past, freeing the mind so her clients can step into a happier, healthier and wealthier reality.  Natasha continues to evolve and develop ways to reach and empower as much of humanity as possible, and have fun doing it!