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Quantum Healing + Supportive Coaching

Feeling stuck?

Do you need to clear ghosts from your past?

Are you ready for a new reality?

…Quantum Healing & Supportive Coaching can take you there.


What is Quantum Healing with Natasha?

Who were you told you are?  Who are you really? And who do you wish to become?

If you are feeling stuck, not good enough, depressed or even traumatized, Quantum Healing allows you to clear negative past events which could be still damaging your self-image. Together we reframe and release the past, refresh positive subconscious beliefs, then raise your vibration setting you free to easily and effortlessly step into a brighter reality. Your Higher Self is waiting for you to show up!



3 Hours Individual Session + 5 hours Supportive Coaching = $1125 CAD + GST * Payment plans available


Methods of Payment:

E-transfer: Please send payment prior to the reading to: Please send separate email with password and clue.

Credit Card: Please provide information card number and expiry only at the time of the reading.


The Process:

 In the first part of this three-hour process, we assess which past events in your life story still give you an emotional “hangover.” Together we review those subconscious beliefs acquired from your past events and reframe them by acknowledging the greater truth of who you are.

Then, while you relax into a personally designed healing meditation/visualization, Natasha guides you in releasing the old subconscious programming, and inputting the new beliefs You are then free to step into a higher frequency and access your new chosen story. While in that relaxed state, you are guided into your happier reality where you meet and become your higher Self.

Following the session, and as you go to sleep every night, you are urged to listen to your guided meditation for at least 21 consecutive days or until the new positive beliefs are embedded in your subconscious mind and you are living your new life.

You will also receive 5 x 1-hour Supportive Coaching sessions to help you through your integration process.


What Clients Say About Their Experience:

“That was wonderful.”

“I feel so much lighter!”

“Wow. I want to do that again.”


  • In Person: Kelowna, BC or On Location
  • Online Video: Globally via Zoom