Natasha J. Rosewood

Empowering you to live your best life by inspiring intuitive intelligence


Do you feel a heavy presence in your home?

Or are you inexplicably tired?

Ghosts are unhappy stuck spirits who attach to people or things and create disturbances as a cry for help. Ghostbusting supports the spirit in releasing their pain and moving forward in peace.



  • In Person: Kelowna, BC or On Location.
  • Online Video: Globally via Zoom


60 minutes = $250.00 plus GST (Includes additional pre-appointment data gathering)


Methods of Payment:

E-transfer: Please send payment prior to the reading to: Please send separate email with password and clue.

Credit Card: Please provide information card number and expiry only at the time of the reading.


The Process:

Digital Recording included: 

* Before coming to your location, or doing an online ghostbusting, I will do an information-gathering session by phone to assess the behavior of the ghost/s.

* Whether we do the ghostbusting in-person or remotely, we set up an appointment.

* Whether on site or online, I do a “walkabout” to tune into the energy, and intuit the reason for the haunting.

* I then commune with the spirit and help them resolve their “stuckness” bringing understanding and peace. Sometimes with the client’s participation, and with agreement of the spirit, we send them “home.”

* We then do a sage cleansing and say prayers to completely restore peace to you, your home and the spirits.

Privacy Notice

Any consultation given by Natasha J. Rosewood – whether private or in a group – is kept confidential. For corporate groups, a confidentiality agreement is offered. However, if your story/experience is deemed to be an inspirational example to others, I would specifically request for your permission to share it orally or in my writings. If permission is given, names and locations are still changed to protect your privacy.