Natasha J. Rosewood

Empowering you to live your best life by inspiring intuitive intelligence

Intuitive / Psychic Coaching

Do you suspect that you might be highly intuitive or psychic and would like to develop it?

Do you have feelings or visions which you don’t understand?



  • In Person
  • Phone
  • Zoom



$225 per hour OR 4 hours for $600 



The Process:

We are all inherently intuitive. Confidence in yourself is the key to trusting how you can rely on your inner guidance.  By speaking with you, I can learn in what way you are psychic─ visual, kinaesthetic, audio or clairaudient─ hear about your experiences and assess your level of expertise. Based on that information, I will work with you from that starting point while clarifying how you would like to apply your intuitiveness to your life.  We will revisit the basics:  grounding and protection techniques, acknowledging how you receive energy and offer exercises for ongoing development.

Contact me to find out how you can learn to trust your intuition about people, events and creating your life the way you want it! No metaphysical experience is too crazy for this psychic!

Privacy Notice

Any consultation given by Natasha J. Rosewood – whether private or in a group – is kept confidential. For corporate groups, a confidentiality agreement is offered. However, if your story/experience is deemed to be an inspirational example to others, I would specifically request for your permission to share it orally or in my writings. If permission is given, names and locations are still changed to protect your privacy.