Natasha J. Rosewood

Empowering you to live your best life by inspiring intuitive intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

My office is located five minutes from downtown Kelowna.  During Covid 19, I prefer to offer email, phone or Zoom meetings. However, if you would like to see me in person, I do ask that we observe the usual protocols, handwashing, masks on entering and then social distancing.  If you would like a palm reading to be included, please photo and email your palm images to my email: prior to the appointment.   When it is safe to do so, I will be resuming my offering of Psychic Parties where I come to the host’s residence and give a minimum of 6 readings. Thank you for your patience.

How does it work when you read me over the phone?

We tend to think of ourselves as physical beings with a spirit. The truth is that we are  spirits encased in  physical “coats.”  When my spirit reads your spirit, there is no physical space between us, just a psychic empathy where I can sense your past, present and future just as well as─if not better than─I were there with you in person. While I enjoy the physical interaction with clients, I find I am slightly more focused on the phone. However, I like my clients to feel comfortable and choose in person or phone readings.

Is the reading recorded?

Yes, on a Sony Digital Voice Recorder. I send it to your e-mail within two days with instructions on how to download.  There is no charge for the recording. However, if you request  a CD instead, there is an extra $10.00 charge to record and mail it to you.

Will you tell me any bad news?

The intention of my readings, and any of my teachings, is to empower you to realize  your highest potential. Therefore, my information is only to support you in your growth. You are the creator of your own reality.  However, if I do intuit that you are on a negative path, I will bring that to your attention and put you on a more positive trajectory. The rest is up to you.

What do you use to tune in to my energy?

As a psychic with 40 years’ experience, I no longer “need” to use any tools, just my finely tuned psychic ability: clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.  However, if you come for an in-person reading, I offer a palm reading and card reading as part of the session..

How long of a reading should I do the first time?

I do offer my clients the choice of 30, 45 or 60 minute readings.  90 minutes is also available for much deeper issues.  The first time I read you I prefer to give you a full 60 minute reading to make sure you are receiving a thorough session.  However, for their first reading many clients choose to just do 30 minutes (to see if they feel comfortable) and then extend to 60 minutes.  Most people extend!

How often can I do a reading?

When clients are going through very challenging times, they will sometimes see me on a weekly basis.  However, the additional sessions are more coaching and supportive in nature than predictive.  And then I may refer them to a counsellor.  Under normal circumstances, I would recommend every 3-6-9-12 month period or whenever the spirit moves you to receive a message.

Are you able to see my dearly departed/spirit guides/angels?

Yes, if they show up.  Just because we are having a party, doesn’t mean they will appear. However, if your deceased loved one doesn’t make an appearance, I will often receive information (from your spirit guide) ABOUT that spirit and how they are doing.

What is the process for when you do a ghostbusting?

Whether we do this remotely or in-person, the procedure is similar. We discuss the behavior of the spirit and how it is manifesting in the home or around the person. We make an appointment. I  come to your home/building (or Skype)  and do a walkabout to see what I sense in terms of what happened there and why the spirit is stuck.  I ask the spirit if they want to stay, move to another location or go to the light.  If the answer is the latter, I ask theirs, yours and my guides and angels to come and assist.  The releasing  process is beautiful and emotional. You should immediately feel a difference in the atmosphere of the house/building. While it is unusual for  the spirit to choose not to move on, we  then make  an agreement on peaceful cohabitation!

What is the process when you do a past life regression?

Allow up to two hours for the session.  Wear something comfortable and don’t plan to do anything strenuous afterwards.  First, I enquire as to what you would like to achieve during the session, e.g. understand a loving but difficult relationship or overcome a fear of black birds.  Then, sitting or lying down, I guide you through a healing and protective visualization. Once you are relaxed, I ask your mind to go back to a life time or times when the issue occurred and what the learning might be for you from that event.  Once we have connected with the trauma, and rebalanced your sense of power around it, I guide you back to present consciousness. Then together we interpret what you have experienced.  Before you leave, I ensure that you understand your experience, then and now, and ground you so you can drive home safely!