Natasha J. Rosewood

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Spirit Mediumship

Would you like to be able to communicate with a deceased loved one?

Even though the people we love who have passed are no longer in the physical, they are not very far away, especially when we think of them.  Contact me if you want to enjoy more peace or resolve unfinished business by communing with those who have passed so you can all be at peace.


  • Individual Session
  • Group Sessions


Private: $250 per hour

Group: $350 per hour


The Process:

Spirits often come through to individual clients during a psychic reading. However, a group spirit mediumship can amplify the loving messages and everyone in the group benefits.

For group mediumship gatherings, please send me an email with:

*  Number of people
*  Location
* Date and  time options.

Fee: $350 per hour plus travelling fees.

Privacy Notice

Any consultation given by Natasha J. Rosewood – whether private or in a group – is kept confidential. For corporate groups, a confidentiality agreement is offered. However, if your story/experience is deemed to be an inspirational example to others, I would specifically request for your permission to share it orally or in my writings. If permission is given, names and locations are still changed to protect your privacy.