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Intuitive Readings

If you are feeling lost, stuck or sensing that there is a message for you, or are just curious about what your future holds, then you are probably a candidate for an Intuitive Reading.

Natasha uses her highly developed intuition to tune into your potential future, what the present conditions are and see anything from your past─including a past life─ that might be blocking your sense of joy.  In-person readings include a palm reading.  Finally, you choose Oracle cards to confirm the message.  If deceased loved ones appear, we commune with them!

Thank you so much. I love your humour and how you say things. Thank you for your insights and the care in being accurate for someone else.

Everything you said is exactly what is happening and I feel so relieved.

Heather, BC

Quantum Healing

Feeling stuck? Like you’re not good enough?

Do you need to clear ghosts from your past?

Are you ready for a new reality?

…Quantum Healing can take you there.


Quantum Healing allows you to clear negative past events which could be still damaging your self-image. Together we reframe and release the past, refresh positive subconscious beliefs, then raise your vibration setting you free to easily and effortlessly step into a brighter reality. Your Higher Self is waiting for you to show up!

Past Life Regression

Whether you are experiencing an “irrational” deep fear which interferes in your life or if you are stuck in a loving but conflicted relationship or just merely curious, a Past Life Regression can quickly access the root of the conflict and give you the answers you seek.

Intuitive / Psychic Coaching

We are all inherently intuitive. Confidence in yourself is the key to trusting how you can rely on your inner guidance.  By speaking with you, I can learn in what way you are psychic – visual, kinesthetic, audio or clairodient – hear about your experiences and assess your level of expertise. Based on that information, I will work with you from that starting point while clarifying how you would like to apply your intuitiveness to your life.  We will revisit the basics:  grounding and protection techniques, acknowledging how you receive energy and offer exercises for ongoing development.

Complete Healing Package

Prepare for rapid transformation!!

After decades of working with clients to heal their past, change their beliefs and transform their lives, Natasha has discovered a POWERHOUSE combination of services that produces life altering results! Using a combination of a 60-min Intuitive Reading, a 2-hour Past Life Regression and a 3-hour Quantum Healing, Natasha’s clients are launching into new dimensions, timelines and realities in record time. Ready to quantum leap into your next level?? Book today!

About Natasha

Psychic Palm Reading & Motivation | Natasha Rosewood |

“If my mother hadn’t been psycho, I wouldn’t be psychic”

Natasha’s motivation is helping others acknowledge their amazing potential.

 “I am honored, blessed and deeply moved when, after a session, my clients release negative beliefs and realize the joy of their new-found freedom.”

After surviving life in her large, chaotic family in Oxfordshire, England, and as a reincarnation of a “gypsy,” Natasha found her niche as a flight attendant and while traveling extensively, also learned palmistry.  The study of metaphysics would become her passion.  While living in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Libya, she acquired the languages of those countries as well as learning basic Italian and Spanish before immigrating to British Columbia, Canada.

Since 1995, when Natasha finally surrendered to her fate as a full-time psychic, she has evolved from palm reader to psychic coach, facilitating spiritual healing and psychic development offering corporate and private workshops, writing her three books and columns.  As well as her other services where she offers private, phone or online consultations to people/groups around the world, she now provides her latest dynamic process of Quantum Healing.  Utilizing the momentum of accelerated energy, Natasha facilitates clearing ghosts of the past, freeing the mind so her clients can step into a happier, healthier and wealthier reality.  Natasha continues to evolve and develop ways to reach and empower as much of humanity as possible, and have fun doing it!

Thank you so much, Natasha. I really enjoyed it! It was really nice to see my grandfather healthy as he passed away from alzheimers not long ago. Thanks for your time and the chat I really appreciate it! I’m looking forward to see the changes….well I already started….my face is almost healed!  Looking forward to my next regression!
Mell P., Okanagan, British Columbia

Hola Natasha,

Muchas gracias! You are awesome, you got me out of a black hole in one hour and you made me understand how to apply the law of attraction myself; I fully believe in it but I never really knew how to apply it myself.

V. H., Squamish, British Columbia

I want to thank you so much for the reading on Friday, and the chance to connect. I appreciate the validation and the encouragement, and hope for a more in depth reading soon!

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