Hello Dearly Beloved,

If our perception is our reality, let me offer you some anecdotal antidotes to reframe your reality of the Corona Virus so you can, not just merely survive, but even thrive in these interesting times.

As you may have noticed . . .or not, I have been mostly absent from Social Media and blogging since the end of October last year.   My spirit was telling me it needed to step back from my crazy schedule and regroup.  Perhaps I was getting a preview of the 2020 event?  During my “retreat,” I also intuited that for most of 2020 I would be hunkering down, retreating from events and staying at home to write and work on my new Energy Dynamics program for teens! Was I intuiting this new reality?  For others in 2020, I had the sense that the energy on the planet would be a roller coaster and so here we are!

Now the Coronavirus is asking us all to stay home, hunker down and ride this tidal wave as we work on ourselves, our forgotten projects, our family relationships and our spiritual growth.

Who knew?  Actually a few people did,  including Sylvia Brown, Nostradumus, the Hopi, Revelations, and myself.

So here are 10 Tips that may remind you of how you can thrive:

  1. SERENITY NOW.   Meditate, Visualize, Pray. Stay in a higher frequency of love, gratitude, humor and expectation that you will remain healthy.
  2. MAKE PLANS TO STAY HOME. Whether you believe this is a conspiracy, just the flu or it will be over in two weeks, please stay home. This may be a flu but it is highly contagious.  China has proven that by rigorous measures, not mingling is an antidote to the virus. Be an affecter, not an infecter.
  3. SEE IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY. Not being able to travel, go to that wedding you didn’t really want to go to or could afford could be a blessing.   Clean out your closets, do that online course, get a reading online of course with Natasha, read a book. (I’ve written a few you can buy on Amazon/Kindle!)
  4. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Gratitude puts us in a healthier state and better frequency. Who knew that last year the highlight of our day would be purchasing toilet paper?  And we still have electricity, wifi, Netflix, food, gas, fresh air and most importantly, someone who loves us. Yes, you do!
  5. BEING GROUNDED is mother earth’s way of saying time to stop, think and regroup. It’s a good thing.
  6. SAVING MONEY Not being able to travel, eat out, go to those games or buy gas will save you money and maybe help you reevaluate how many things you really need.  Less consumerism gives the earth a break.
  7. TIME FOR A CAREER CHANGE? Do you hate your job?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?  Take this time to explore your heart and soul’s desire.   Maybe your wife wants you to finish painting those cabinets or cleaning out the garage. Maybe your husband wants you to take a break?
  8. MORE FAMILY TIME . . .OR NOT? We could use this time to turn off the news, and the phones and play card games, have a family dinner with everyone present or resolve a fractured relationship.
  9. TAKE VITAMIN C, MAGNESIUM, ZINC and D3 and C60 and keep laughing.
  10. DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. Think Happy thoughts and stay in that higher frequency.  We all know that fear begets fear and is the cause of any recession or regression.  With 50% or more of  planes grounded and not so many cars out there,  Mother Earth can breathe again, birds are singing, swans are back on the Venice canals and the dolphins are making appearances.

The only thing to fear is fear itself and the panic it creates. So please know that you are not alone. As one person pointed out,  our parents had to deal with war, all we have to do is sit on a couch. So while you are there, surrender to what is, watch comedy and laugh away this time.


Blessings of radiant health, love, light and laughter.