Ten Tips for Getting Happy and Staying There 

We all talk about happiness, but what is it really?   A fleeting elation that like a butterfly, cannot be bottled and kept constantly fluttering, or a general contentment with our lot?  Maybe we all have our own definition for it, but the Buddhists claim that everything we do in life, we do to make ourselves happy. Happiness is our our constant motivation for existing.


For me, happiness is a preferred frequency, vibrating in a feeling free of fear, feeling safe, loved and that all good things are possible.  Open to the limitless of the universe.


As I understand the Law of Attraction, and that like attracts like, I do know that if I intend to get into that frequency, and stay there as long as possible, I will attract happiness or the people, places and events that will make me happy.  I can choose to be a happiness magnet, and so can you.  And while it takes a little practice to change your mind to being happy, the benefits affect my health, spirit, emotions and mental health.  It’s so easy, a child can do this. You can do it while you are driving, while you trying to get to sleep, cooking  or brushing your teeth. So come on, let’s get happy.


Hopefully, even if we are not happy in the moment, we all have a memory of being happy.  Maybe it’s a childhood memory of riding a horse, the wind flying through our hair and the sun shining on our face.  For others, it’s falling in love or winning something or being with family and/or friends.


The first thing we need to do is bring those memories back. Close your eyes.  Think happiness and then see what comes to mind.


FACING FEAR WITH COURAGE can make us feel very good. Feeling good about oneself in all ways is essential to the state of happiness.  Fear, unless it’s an intuitive warning of imminent danger is just negative thinking.  We have the power to change our thinking and think happy thoughts instead.


FOCUS ON HAPPINESS. If what we focus on expands and we are glad for what we have, that sense of gladness and being blessed will only increase until the negative disappears. Once you have experienced that state, you can recall those moments at any time you choose and once again put yourself in a state or vibration of happiness.  The more you focus on happiness, the bigger it becomes and anything else fades away.




  1. BEING GRATEFUL for what is and who is in your life is the first step. Many of us focus on what we don’t have.  And because Like attracts Like, you will attract other people who feel themselves to be rich and blessed in their lives and that energy will only attract more positivity and happiness.


  1. FORGIVE ourselves and others. By having compassion for our own and others behaviors, we are giving ourselves permission to be human.  By not being willing to carry the pain of another’s actions in the past, we can then live in the present, free of negative umbilical thoughts that drag us down and keep us in a lower vibration.


  1. CHOOSE to be happy. When negative, powerless thoughts enter your mind, say “Cancel, Cancel. Love, Love.”  With that affirmation, intend to literally switch from negative thoughts to positive thinking. Replace a dark thought with a vision from the light. E.g.: a sunny beach full of laughing friends, a lottery-winning cheque.


  1. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to be happy. Happiness for some is being on top of a snowy mountain on a sunny day, for others it’s a good book in front of the fire. Give yourself those experiences that bring you happiness.  The more you give to yourself, not only will you be happier but also those around you will feel happier after seeing your smiling face.


  1. POSITION YOURSELF FOR HAPPINESS: If you need to live by water, don’t move to Calgary.  People are like plants and need the right environment in which to flourish. Take responsibility for what you need to be happy and make it happen.


  1. GIVE TO OTHERS: Being of service and giving without expecting a return is probably the best way to feel good about being human and having meaning on this earth.  And when you have nothing to give, just smile at people. You would be amazed how many lonely people feel invisible. Your smile could make their day.


  1. MAKE AMENDS: If something is bothering you, something you did or didn’t do, choose to make amends.  Instead of letting the guilt continually keep you hostage and potentially make you dread the wrath of the Gods, make it up to the person who you hurt or, if they are not open or available,  pay it forward to someone else who could use a favor.  Put yourself back in the “Good Karma” credit column and then you will know that you also deserve to be and remain happy.


  1. DON’T BE AFRAID OF HAPPINESS: Many of us don’t allow ourselves to become “too” happy as we often don’t believe that we deserve it.  Some of us may subconsciously sabotage this happiness by not making the call or missing the boat or getting sick as we are terrified of loss of happiness, so we destroy it while we still feel that we have control.  At the root of this sense of undeservedness is guilt from the past, or not feeling good. Instead of being afraid of happiness, increase the deservability quotient so we can know that, of course, we deserve to be happy. It’s what our God wants for us.


  1. HEAL PAST LIFE ISSUES: Very frequently, something is tugging at our psyches from another life.  This might be a lost love, a murder, suicide or act of betrayal that we either committed or was committed against us.  How we know this is only by the results in our life.  If a pattern of betrayal or self-sabotage is recurring, it is often due to a deeply held belief and being haunted by something or someone unresolved from a past life. Give yourself the gift of doing a past life regression so you can bring the issue to consciousness and forgive yourself and/or others for past transgressions which after all are merely spiritual lessons.


  1. HANG OUT WITH HAPPY PEOPLE: No one can make us miserable unless we allow them to. However, our environment and the people we choose to socialize with or work with are a reflection of what we think we deserve.  Happiness is infectious and misery loves company because miserable people usually consider themselves to be powerless and unable to change their lives.  If you want to be happy, whose company do you choose to keep?