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Are you feeling powerless because you or someone you love is being bullied?  Are you coping . . .or are you suffering in terrified silence?  We all know that bullies can drive some teens, and even adults to suicide, so why do we tolerate bad behaviors?  Whether the bullying is verbal, physical, sexual or emotional, no one deserves, or needs to tolerate another person making their life torture. Find your power. Get out of the bully cycle and find peace. You will not only save yourself, but also others, potentially even the bully!  With these 10 tips, you can be free and learn how to attract only loving, mutually respectful relationships.

  1. HOW PEOPLE TREAT YOU BEGINS WITH YOU. Stop bullying yourself and reprimanding yourself for not being good enough. When you bully yourself, you open yourself up to being bullied.
  2. LOVE YOURSELF MORE. If like attracts like, raise your frequency and acknowledge your achievements, no matter how small. The truth is you are a miracle!
  3. KNOW THAT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE IS TO BECOME YOUR BEST SELF (and not try to be like others.) When you are authentic, you will attract authentic people who are not bullies.
  4. PROTECT YOURSELF WITH WHITE LIGHT. When you are feeling afraid, vulnerable, alone, hopeless, you might be giving your power away to others. You could leave holes in your aura where bullies can get in, like a sponge soaking up bad energy. Encircle yourself in a laser-like shell of white light so that your aura is sealed and protected. Or ask your angelic bodyguards to protect you.  Feeling safe is your protection.
  5. WRITE A LIST OF YOUR OWN STRENGTHS or a compliment journal. The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you.
  6. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Ask yourself: Why do I think I deserve to be bullied? (No one does!) Am I feeling guilty? Why do I think I deserve to be punished? Then ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and/or pay it forward. Set yourself free.
  7. STOP SEEKING APPROVAL. We have all acquired negative perspectives about ourselves from others. But are they true? Are you still giving your power away for the sake of acceptance or approval?  The only person who can approve of you . . . is you.
  8. EXAMINE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships are based on fear or love.  It’s simple. You either feel loved and supported or not loved and not supported.   You can either express your feelings or . . . if you know it’s not going to change, walk away!
  9. LEARN THE LESSON AND CLAIM THE GIFT. Perhaps you are, or have also been, a bully in this or a past life. Karma finds you. But the lesson/gift is always for you to be a better you.  Forgive yourself−and your bully−and become a better YOU.
  10. CHOOSE HOW YOU FEEL.   You can choose to feel victimized, afraid, angry, enraged or you can consider the source.  If people are malicious, they are usually coming from great fear or are unwell.  You can accept their words as truth and feel hurt, or you can allow their words and actions to evaporate as untruths. No one else can make you feel anything you don’t want to feel.

If you need help finding relief from bullying,  book your appointment on this website to change those beliefs.

You deserve to be cherished.


I am miracle of creation and deserve respect.  Love and loving is my protection As I forgive, so am I forgiven. I now only attract the highest and the best and all is well in my world.