FLIGHT OF YOUR LIFE! Confessions of a 1970s Air Hostess is, as we speak, being prepared for publication. I know some of you are impatiently waiting for its release, and while there have been delays beyond my control, it shouldn’t be long now. This book and its sequel: More FLIGHTS OF YOUR LIFE – Confessions of a 1980s Air Stewardess will allow you to enjoy the outrageous adventures of air hostesses of the fun days of flying from the comfort and safety of your own grounded armchair. Once published, you will be able to find them on Amazon/Kindle. Suitable for everyone, why not purchase the first one for a fun Christmas present? And if the sequel is ready by Christmas, (fingers crossed!) why not buy both?
In the meantime, please be kind to yourself, to others (we never know what people are going through) and remember, this too shall pass. New happier, healthier beginnings are on the horizon and you can have your new world sooner if you choose to still see the world as a beautiful place and each human as a precious spark of the divine.
Blessings of health, wealth and happiness to you all,