Do we experience more than one life? Is reincarnation, as some suggest, a story we tell ourselves so we don’t have to face the finality of death? Whether you believe in one life, many lifetimes or that we are living in parallel universes, we can delve into our other “selves” find understanding for our purpose in this lifetime and experience multiple benefits to our mental health.  There are at least 10 reasons why I recommend a past life regression and discovering who you have been in another time and place.   In this process, you can recognize that as an eternal form of energy, you never die, just change form.  And it’s never to late to forgive or be forgiven, love and be loved and for your soul to find peace.

Here are 10 Reasons why you would enjoy a past life regression:

  1. Know that you don’t have to get everything done in one lifetime. However, the sooner you learn the lessons of love, the easier your future lives will become.
  2. Revisit an old fear, replay it, understand its source, put that fear in a less scary context so the fear loses its power over you in the current life.
  3. Explore old events that have left you with a deep sense of irrational guilt and then be able to forgive yourself.
  4. Understand why the blocks in your current relationships may be rooted in past life betrayals,  abandonment, loss or other circumstances and then release them.
  5. Heal a physical ailment or disease that is still attached to an emotional past life trauma and which has re-manifested in this lifetime and in this body and then heal the original trauma and the current pain.
  6. Improve your current relationships when you recognize that the cast of characters in your present movie have returned from an “old story” for a repeat and to heal old hurts.
  7. Recognize your karma, the lessons of love that you did not learn in a previous life and/or to forgive that karma.
  8. Learn compassion for yourself, and others as through many lifetimes, we realize that we have all experienced what it’s like to be the powerful, the powerless, the abusers, the abused, the poor and the rich.
  9. Remember who you really are, to step into your power with humility and compassion for humanity, the light and dark.
  10. To have the opportunity to see your lifetimes like a jigsaw puzzle, and to understand that each lifetime is just one piece in the grand picture of your whole evolving soul.