Thank heavens Spring is in the air. With summer just around the corner—we hope—it is a great time to dust off the winter of our souls and allow light to shine into our lives. But if we are still haunted by our past, fully experiencing joy can be a challenge.

Do you have a ghost? Many of us do. But ghosts are not always in our home. These hauntings can also live right inside of us. Sometimes we are the ghost.

While this lingering melancholia might take more than a spring cleaning to clear the air, we can remove the blocks to our happiness, melt the pain away and bask in the sunshine of the present. While I highly recommend seeking a counsellor to help you release the past, these Ten Tips might launch you onto that healing journey of setting yourself free!

  1. Do you need a past life regression? (Read February’s blog). With unresolved past lives, a piece of your soul can get stuck in another time, haunting someone or somewhere else. That piece of you will need retrieving.
  2. What is the thought that is haunting you? Is it something you did, or didn’t do? Unfinished business needs to be completed so you can move forward. You may need time, professional help, or validation. Do whatever it takes to find peace.
  3. Remember! It’s all about you. We often want to give our power away to others for causing our grief, but those “challengers” are our best teachers. Know that if you have the power to create a challenge, you can also uncreate it.
  4. You are a magnet! What do you wish to magnetize? What you choose to think is fueled by your emotions which then magnetize your results to you. Do a spring cleaning on your thinking and feel grateful for all the good that you do have.
  5. You can change the past or, at least, how you perceive it. As well as the writer of your own movie, you are also the camera person, the perceiver of the experience you create. You can judge your Self for doing something “bad,” or you could see it as a learning event and have compassion for your Self. When you look through the lens of compassion, you can find peace with your present. Your future can then unfold with ease.
  6. Gifts and challenges. We are all born with them. Sometimes the challenge (the event) can lead to the gift. Instead of letting pain hold you back, know that many great achievers have used adversity to motivate them to find their life purpose, and their greatness.
  7. Look for the gold of the past outcome. If you look long and hard enough, you can find gold in even the worst events. Acknowledging the gift, teaching or karma is often the only way to move forward as it validates you for attracting that event.
  8. Look at it from all sides now. Write the event three times:
    a) As it happened to you.
    b) As if it happened to someone else.
    c) As if it was the funniest thing that ever happened. Be gentle with yourself.
  9. Be a star! Our lifetimes are like movies and we are always the leading actor, writers, producers and directors of our own stories. Who are you in that star role? Become her/him by being the best you that you can be.
  10. Act as if you are already great, a shining star, living life on your terms. Having dusted off adversity and made peace with your past, you can now spring forward into joy.

Now Get Some Sunshine on Your Soul!