Are you a good manifester?  Or is it a hit and miss affair?  The question you might be asking yourself is; Why can’t I magically attract a new car, a better job or a soul mate?   You can.  But maybe you just need a new approach.  Instead of thinking something into existence, you might also need to intuit your way there.

What does manifestation mean anyway?   Manifestation is: Fuelling an emotionally charged thought until that thought/feeling/desire reaches critical mass and becomes manifest.

And intuition? The short definition is: The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. (The much more in-depth version will be covered in my next book.)  When manifestation doesn’t work, what might be in the way?

  • The thing, person or event that you want is not for your highest good.
  • The absence of the thing that you desire e.g. soul mate might cause you to find your true purpose.
  • Your negative subconscious beliefs are blocking the outcome.  E.g. I’m not good enough.
  • You are not emotionally ready.
  • Your timing may not be in synchronicity with the Universe.
  • You are too attached to the outcome and fear is getting in the way.

Ten Tips on   How to Use Your Intuition to Manifest What You Really, Really Want

  1.   Manifestation requires all levels of your consciousness to flow congruently toward your desire.
  2. If you don’t know what you want, choose the feeling you want. Envision the matching scenario.
  3. What is yours will come to you. What is not yours will not come to you.
  4. Do without doing and everything will get done.  Be, think, feel and believe in what you desire.
  5. Ask your Intuition: Is this right for me? And listen for the truth.
  6. What you desire is your life purpose. You have everything you need to achieve it.
  7. You are always right about how you feel.
  8. Act as if you are already excited, relieved, free, prosperous, loved and healthy.
  9. Trust your intuition completely. It is your truth, your guide and only wants your highest good.
  10. What you desire, already exists in the ether. Claim it!

 Wishing You Happy & Successful Manifesting for 2019.