What are nightmares?   And more importantly, what are they telling us?

The term nightmare apparently came from Norway where people described the archetypal nighttime horror of the “old hag” sitting on the chest of the paralyzed victim, hence the term “night mare.”

Nightmares, terrifying or unsettling, singular or recurring, are messages from our subconscious trying to get our conscious attention.  The message of a nightmare is for us always to take back our power in some way, urging us to take action to heal a guilt or face a fear.  Nightmares do not like to be ignored.  If we dismiss our night-time images as merely “crazy dreams,” then the dream becomes ever more dramatic until we do pay attention.

The following ten tips might help you understand your message . . . and turn your nightmare into a dream:

  1. Know that powerlessness is an illusion. Nightmares are our friends disguised as bullies in our sleeping state. They bring the message that we need to step from negative into positive, to face our fears and feel empowered to be who we truly are: Powerful.


  1. You can heal this! Nightmares are caused by nagging traumas, guilt, anger, hurt which, when unresolved turn into fears that manifest as bad dreams. Ask yourself: Which past event/relationship is unresolved in my life?


  1. Write out the dream as it happened. Identify the beginning scene from the ending. E.g. Scene: I am in a dark house. Ending:  A monster comes into the room. Now change the ending to one you like. E.g.  I realize that the monster is my best friend disguised in a funny costume. I laugh.


  1. Get validation. You are not crazy! When nightmares descend into another reality of ghosts, sleep paralysis or other paranormal manifestations, find an intuitive /counsellor who can help you “face your demons.” Drugs do not usually resolve the issue, while validation and sharing do.


  1. Make friends with your nightmares. Before you sleep, claim your power.  Affirm, “I am willing to clearly understand all messages that come to me in my sleep. They are for my highest good.  I am safe. All is well in my world.”  (Or something like that.)


  1. Is the nightmare a warning? Ask yourself: Who do the people, events, places in the nightmare represent in my current life? Take action for a different outcome.


  1. Guilt is often the culprit. Forgive yourself, make amends or pay it forward. Guilt binds us to our past and an expectation of punishment creates fear of what the punishment will be. This fear can haunt our dreams.


  1. Keep asking yourself, or an expert, for “the message,” to become clear so you can recognize the truth and feel the release. Nightmares never lie, but they are open to interpretation.


  1. Positive thinking is your protection, no matter how badly things currently feel. Vibrating on a higher, more loving empowered frequency by thinking happier thoughts is your protection and attracts greater results, asleep and awake!


  1. Stay in balance. Pay attention to all your dreams. They are your inbuilt spirit guide, best friend, psychic and mentor and are always speaking your highest and best truth.