A client asked me the other day. “Natasha, what’s happening on the planet?  Is it the energy weird or I am going crazy?”    Well,  you might be crazy but before you decide,  read this blog and see if it makes sense.  Crazy or not, you are right.  The frequency of the earth and human electro-magnetic energy is revving up which is why you are experiencing an acceleration and amplification of everything you are thinking and feeling.   You will be impacted by this higher frequency in various ways, depending on your own happiness/sadness frequency.  While it can increase your awareness and spirituality, this energy could also make you feel antsy and overwhelmed or worse, make you feel suicidal. And you thought technology was to blame!  If I hadn’t channelled this information back in 1985 from some very enlightened beings, I would have thought the same.  That story is included in my first book: Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too.)  The moral of the story is that we are all headed for JOY!


But . . .if you are one of those black and white people who like scientific facts, google the Schuman Resonance and it will validate this information about the accelerated insanity you might be experiencing. Since 1952 when electro-magnetic energy on earth was first measured,  it was stable at a constant 7.83 hz for half a century but in 2014 it was measured as high as 36 + hz. In 2017, the energy is  fluctuating between 15-25 hz.  What does it all mean?


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