“The greatest mystery is into the Self,” quoted Einstein. After helping many a client resolve very deeply buried issues from their past lives, I concur. Anyone who thinks they are boring, think again. We are all multi-multi layered beings with fascinating histories. The trouble is that, sometimes, those histories─if not resolved at the time of death─can cling to us like an invisible fog . . . and mysteriously cause havoc in our present life. While most of us have unfinished business from our past lives which doesn’t interfere greatly in our present, some of us have major issues which can inhibit or, in some cases, destroy any chance of true happiness in the present.

Here are 10 Reasons why clients have chosen to do a past life regression, and you may want to explore:

  1. Unresolved past life issues can leave us with anxieties, abandonment issues “irrational” fears, self-punishing behaviors and low self-esteem. These invisible, and sometimes insidious, energies manifest in our present lifetime.  Like an old curse, these blocks can sabotage our happiness, health and wealth.


  1. You are always the star! Our lifetimes are like movies and we are the star of our own stories.  We are also the writers, producers and directors, the perceivers of the experiences we create.  Each movie script or lifetime is an evolutionary sequel.  If we can complete our past script, we can find peace with our present story and our future can then unfold with ease.


  1. Don’t you want to know? Like your ancestry can tell you where you came from physically, the DNA of your own soul can tell you why you are attracted to, or repelled by, certain people places or events. Your past lives might also reveal, for example, why a lump developed in your throat in your mid-forties or why you are phobic about red trucks or why you love, but also don’t trust your soul mate.


  1. When you don’t know in the conscious waking state, those issues can surface from the subconscious data and cause problems, sometimes in the form of a physical illness, phobia, feelings of “failure,” repeated rejections, addiction, or ongoing bad karma.


  1. There are no victims in the grander scheme of the universe. When we revisit our other selves in other lifetimes, we can know that life is indeed eternal. Through these incarnations, we experience each other’s roles where we learn compassion.  We have all, therefore, played the role of the abuser/abusee, the powerful and the powerless, the light and the dark.   But if we don’t want to do a “repeat,” we need to understand and complete the lesson.


  1. When you do know, knowledge is power for once we can identify and understand the root cause of our pain, we can choose to perceive our experience from a re-empowered state. Forgiveness is easier once we understand that we are all children exploring a complex and loving universe.


  1. It’s all about love. When regressing clients into past lives, their tears are always about where love has been not expressed or where it has been rejected. We all have abandonment issues.  Loving self and being at peace when one leaves the planet is the greatest love of all, and our greatest achievement.


  1. You can change the past. It’s never too late.  If our experiences are rooted in our perception of that experience, we can edit our perceptions and our experience. E.g. We can change the event in the 1700s when you were angry with your husband because you believed that he had abandoned you. When you access the whole story through a past life regression, you learn that he was killed by an errant arrow on the way home.  You are then able to forgive yourself, and your husband in that lifetime.  That piece of your soul finds peace, dissolves your anger and heals your fear of abandonment.  As pain is a way of showing you what needs to be healed, that husband may have reincarnated as your “difficult” son in this lifetime.  Having healed your old conflict, your son/husband might suddenly and miraculously become more loving!


  1. Not only but also. When you find peace with the past, you not only heal yourself but also the many others who were involved in that event.  When healing takes place with one, there is a collective sigh of relief from many restless spirits.


  1. And the ancestors will be dancing. When our ancestors do not complete their lessons in their lifetime, we descendants, in the female line and male line, inherit their unfinished business.   Karma compounds and becomes more intense.  If we in the present choose to complete the lesson, the ancestors do a celebratory jig.  They are so relieved because they understand that when they reincarnate again in this lineage, they will not be required to do a repeat of the “same old.”  Instead, having observed you as you completed the lesson, they can look forward to a new movie and a fresh evolution.

Do you want to know who you were in a past life?