Intuition is within us all.  But so many of us still do not acknowledge the power or the importance of our inner guidance.  Our unused intuition is like having a luxurious Lamborghini sitting idle in the driveway ready to go, and we are ignoring it, and still driving our old, rusted jalopies.

I get it. Many of us have been trained as children to deny the existence of what we experience, and to be made wrong about what we sense.  When younger and speaking our truth of what we see─ visible or invisible─our teachers, parents or family perhaps told us, “Oh, it’s just your imagination.” Of course, we learn not to trust, not only our intuition but also our own essence, our authentic Self.  Then we grow into disconnected, self-doubting, neurotic adults with the same belief.  “Oh, I’m just making it up.”  We prefer to consult Google or a stranger before we trust ourselves.

But like the Lamborghini, our intuition can no longer sit idle, especially now.   Getting in the driver’s seat of our lives might be the only way we get through these interesting times with our sanity intact. If we accept that intuition is no longer an idle luxury but a piece of ourselves that we need to reclaim and master, then perhaps these five tips will help you to reconnect to your inner voice and your Self.

  1. You already know that, like the animals in the jungle, we are all born with intuition, how to sense what’s in the air, what we can’t see, the good, the bad or the ugly? So why not embrace your intuition as your guidance and survival system.  Instead of “Oh, I’m just making this up, choose to believe:  Affirmation #1:  I am an intuitive sentient being. I do know my truth.
  2. Your intuition makes your truth known through your emotional (heart feelings), physical (body sensations) and of course, your spirit/auric field. While your guides often communicate through your solar plexus (chakra or gut), or sometimes whisper in your ear, you can also hear the truth by relaxing into an alpha state and asking questions. Paying attention to your dreams, meditation or just being still and listening is the best way to sense what’s in the air, literally.   Affirmation: I am open and listen to my intuition without judgement.
  3. Understand that as we are ascending NOW, the acceleration of the electro-magnetic energy on the planet and within your own body is causing your brainwaves to vibrate at a much higher frequency of awareness. This will naturally increase your intuition and amplify your heart feelings and senses. Test and validate your intuitive “hits” with an “SEE, I WAS RIGHT” journal.  Affirmation:   I trust my Self and my inner guidance completely. I am safe.
  4. Notice how you receive energy messages. Intuition communicates with us in a myriad of ways and no one way is “right.” Some people get messages in their dreams, others when their knees ache while some see auras.  As a conscious medium, when I listen, I   see, hear, feel, sense, smell.   Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Affirmation: I am open to receiving information for my highest good.
  5. Remember that your truth may not be shared by others. Some people either can’t handle the truth, or they are not ready to hear it, or it doesn’t apply to them. In the face of opposition remember this affirmation: I am always right about how I feel.  And you are!

While these five tips are just the tip of a massive iceberg of information, I hope they remind you to listen to your Authentic Self and trust your own Google app, your intuition.

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See you on the bright side.

Blessings of love, light and laughter