How  Can I  Read Your Mind?

Excerpted from The Six Levels of Consciousness,  Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too).

When I read your mind, I tune into your six levels of consciousness from my alpha state. The difference in vibration and density tells me which level I am reading. Sometimes your ego mind wants something other than that which your subconscious is driving you toward, creating conflict within your Self─and your psychic! Conflicts are most common between the subconscious—where our programming lives—and the ego, our waking state—where fear lives.


Imagine these levels of consciousness as horizontal layers in a pyramid, starting at the base and working upwards:

  • The Soul: The soul, situated at the base of the pyramid holds your life purpose, the major lessons for this life.
  • The Spirit: constitutes your personality, your gifts and challenges and the role you chose to play. Whatever the spirit learns, it takes back to the soul, adding to the soul’s overall evolution.
  • The Subconscious is a limitless databank which holds everything that has ever happened to you, has been thought or said in this or any other lifetime. Scary! Like a computer hard drive, the subconscious accepts whatever belief systems are programmed into it and, therefore, it is this level that magnetizes or repels our results.
  • The Unconscious or Alpha State: The alpha, above the subconscious, is a relaxed state where you can do effective creative visualization, meditate, receive visions and premonitions and daydream.
  • The Ego Conscious Mind: At the top of the pyramid is the conscious mind where the ego lives, the separate “I.” The ego acts as a daytime waking state, a filter through which we perceive and receive the data from our world.
  • The Higher Self: The sixth and final level extends up and out from the top of the pyramid, stretching into divine intelligence and offers access to your spirit guides and your higher power.

Once my clients understand what each level of their own consciousness is seeking to express and why, they are then able to release old stigmas and heal their past, present and future. Amen/Awomen!