Afterlife – The Rainbow Story

When my father passed in 2007, he had told me that he didn’t believe in an afterlife. I suggested that he was wrong and that when he went into the light, perhaps he would send me a sign letting me know that he had arrived and was at peace. “Poppycock!” he snorted in true British fashion.  “That’s not going to happen!”

After his death, my step-mother and I witnessed so many signs, we had to tell my father’s spirit, “enough already.” But he didn’t stop. After his funeral and on my arrival back at my home in Vancouver, one of his messages was an intense double rainbow waiting for me. I just knew it was from my father.

Last week, my husband, Lorne and I enjoyed a family dinner in the neighboring town of Penticton.   As we drove back to Kelowna along the edge of Lake Okanagan the light was fading  to a murky grey. Just outside Penticton, a storm hit and the roads pooled with large puddles. As we came around one bend, Lorne suddenly struggled with the steering wheel. The car veered first into the passing lane and then perilously close to the road edge and the lake. I held my breath. Then just as suddenly, the car settled down again and Lorne was able to regain control.

 “We aquaplaned!” he muttered, visibly shaken. “I couldn’t control the car and then suddenly I could.”

 The rain stopped. As I looked to my right, I saw the most radiant yellows, purples, greens, and indigoes of a massive double rainbow that arced out of the lake and over Penticton.

 “I wonder if that’s a message from someone?” I asked Lorne.

“Well, something let me get control of the car again,” he murmured.

 The song “Just Call Me Angel of the Morning” came on the radio.

                “Oh, I used to sing this song a lot,” Lorne exclaimed.

When the song finished, the radio emitted static.  I tuned into another station. “Just Call Me Angel of the Morning” rang out again!

Lorne and I exchanged amazed glances.

“Maybe someone’s telling us that they are watching over us,” Lorne suggested.

The next song on the radio left us in no doubt. “I can see your true colors shining through . . . just like a rainbow.”


To believe or not to believe, that is the question.  But if the thought of a beautiful world waiting for all of us when we are done with this life gives us peace, why not choose peace?