So this is Christmas. And what have we done?  Another year over, and another one yet to begin.  Bless John Lennon for that song which might make us think about what we have achieve, or not, and our contribution to our world.

Rather than berating ourselves for the unticked list, we can acknowledge─no matter how small─all the things we did begin and/or complete.  Rather than failure, focusing on our successes builds on our gratitude, self-confidence and healthy positive future planning.

2019 in numerology, adds up to a 3, a trinity of creativity, emotion and wisdom.  For those of you who are striving to walk in the light, the next three years will, I feel, bring a new momentum of “interesting” and exciting developments.  For some─especially for those who are ready to receive─2019 will bring manifestations of long-awaited dreams. Staying in the light might be challenging at times so it is important to remember to remain focused on the trinity of love, light and laughter.  What we focus on expands and those 3 are always our protection from negativity.

My predictive tip for 2019? Why not turn your “list” into intentions. Keep it simple.  If “We do without doing and everything gets done” (Book of Runes) then all we have to do is intend our results while staying in the frequency of love, light and laughter. Let that trinity be your intention for this year. Energy, without any negative resistance, flows easily and effortlessly, and manifests!   Upping your positive frequency is the one of the greatest contributions we can all give to the world, especially now.  Let’s make John Lennon proud!

Ten Tips for a Happy 2019:

  1. Acknowledge what you have done, begun, learned, given and forgiven.
  2. Forgive yourself for not completing the “list”! Make a new shorter one.
  3. Love yourself first and then recognize how many others love you.
  4. Smile at a stranger. You might save their life.
  5. Make this a kinder world. Always practice kindness, even if you don’t understand.
  6. Set your intention for the best YOU that you can be.
  7. Remember YOU are always RIGHT about how you FEEL.
  8. Trust that inner voice to guide you. It might be the only one you can trust.
  9. Take time to just be and listen. The universe is always talking to you.
  10. No matter what’s happening around you, keep faith the eye of the storm. This too shall pass.