“I think he’s scared. But what am I going to do with a broken heart?” Sarah asked.

My client sat on my couch, her face grimacing in pain. The love of her life had recently bailed.

“You can choose to be broken-hearted. Or . . . you can be grateful that you met someone that inspires those feelings. No one can take that joy away from you, except you.  And there are ways to protect your heart while staying open to love:

  1. Accept that some will love you, some won’t. Next . . ..
  2. Ask the person, “Are you into me?”
  3. Hold out for the right Mr. /Mrs./Ms. Right─not just someone with a pulse.
  4. Celebrate! Even when you get hurt, be grateful that you have the ability to feel!
  5. Choose love. People die on us, leave us, betray us and reject us. Still choose love.
  6. Be willing to let the love connection be what it is and not what you need it to be.
  7. Take risks. Playing it safe is comfortable, but you’re also dead for a long time.
  8. Love yourself so much that you attract the highest and the best.
  9. Love is greater than fear. Whether they are scared or not interested, the end result is the same.
  10. Be love. Free and boundless amounts of the stuff are right inside of you to give.

“Time to move on, Sarah,” I said, . . . “with an open heart.”