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You don’t have to be dead to be a ghost. Many of us are haunted by our pasts.  There are soldiers with PST, children who have been abandoned and abused, men and women who have been violated, those who have lost loves ones, their health and their dreams. Most of us have an unresolved trauma that needs healing.  These hauntings can also be stuck in past lives and attach to us like a constant low-grade flu, sucking our energy and in extreme cases, causing great depression.  Being haunted by a person or an event is akin to playing the same  record  over and over again.  Until we have new information or are willing to break the cycle, we feel powerless to change.  Just like the ghosts in our basements, if we feel haunted,  we  might find ourselves  creating drama to consciously or unconsciously draw attention to our own stuck emotions.

And then there are the “real” ghosts,  the ones that play with electricity, slam doors or move furniture.  As like attracts like, we often attract ghosts who are going through a similar experience with similar emotions. Unfortunately, when most of us suspect we have a ghost in our environment, we are so busy oohing and aahing at the impossibility of it, or running for the hills that we forget we are abandoning a poor spirit to another  100 years of being unheard, unhelped and stuck!   Let’s acknowledge that this “activity” is probably  being perpetrated by a lost soul who is  just trying to get your attention because they need HELP!

Different ways of “dying”  beget different ways of  transitioning to the other side. Some of those who pass suddenly and who might be enraged at the time/method of their passing resist death for various reasons;  injustice, an unlived life, unpreparedness, suicide or  violence.  Those beings who might be resistant to dying are often still  attached to people on the earth plane and may  continue after “death,”  to stay close to  people, houses, objects, areas, trains, boats and planes or whatever their emotional memories attach them to.

Whether we are conscious of this or not,  the time has now come in our evolution to acknowledge that we are not living in just a physical reality. Most of us enlightened ones know that our essence/spirit/soul coexists during life and  long after the body has worn out when we  have “shed our mortal coil.” Now we need to clear this low level cloud of collective ghosts who hang over our planet and, whether we are conscious of this or not, prevent us from ascending to higher frequencies.

My request to you is the next time you experience some ghostly activity, you ask the troubled spirit the following questions:

1.Who are you? 2. How long have you been here? 3. Would you like to stay or go home to the spirit world? 4.  What event caused you to get stuck here? 5.  How can we bring closure for you so you can go in peace? 6.  Are you willing to let your spirit guides and angels take you home?

If yes, you will probably experience an immediate lightening in the air.    If no, you will feel a resistant energy. If they insist on staying (we cannot force them to grow!), be clear on the cohabitation rules which, like a room-mate, they will need to adhere to.

Whether your ghost is within or without,  we all have the opportunity to heal our ghosts, let go, release, give compassion and forgiveness for transgressions which were after all, childlike lessons for our souls to evolve  from the dark into the light.