(And Why You Should be Listening)

by Natasha J. Rosewood

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“Oh, I don’t dream,” my client, Mary stated.

“If you really don’t dream,” I responded, “you should be in a loony bin.   After three days of non-sleeping, and therefore non-dreaming, your ego mind would go into overwhelm.”

But there is more to dreaming than staying sane. If we are willing to study just some of our dream symbols and take a little time to analyze the jigsaw puzzle of LSD-like-induced disjointed images, we can drastically improve our state of well-being, enhance our connection to Self and receive the myriad of great information our subconscious is communicating to us in the night.

So what are your dreams telling you?   And why should you listen? Without having to consult a psychic, your interpreted dreams can warn, inspire, solve, help, resolve and connect you with deceased loved ones.  Discover some basic archetypal and personal symbols which can help you decipher your hidden messages and give you more access to your own psyche and future.

Join like-minded dreamers on:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at


A Questers Talk.

Presentation 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm   

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Mission Creek Regional Park EECO Centre
2363A Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC
Members $5.00    Non-Members $10.00

Bring your “crazy” dreams and let’s see if I can interpret some of them for you.  Let’s help you find clarity, healing and understanding. Amaze yourself . . . and leave with your own inner psychic!

And if you don’t live in my “hood,” please make use of my private Dream Interpretation Service ($75.00). Email up to 3 dreams to natasha@natasharosewood.com and together we will understand, resolve, and perhaps act on, what guidance your subconscious is wanting you to hear.

Dream on!