Mindset?  Hmmm? What does that mean exactly? We know that our thoughts are magnetic impulses. Those thoughts─if we keep thinking them─ become subconscious beliefs and the “engine” of our mindset─ attracting or repelling the “good” and “bad” outcomes in our lives. So if we don’t like our current outcomes, how can we cleanse our subconscious of the “I’m not good enough” and the “I can’t have…” syndromes and other limiting beliefs if they are . . . well. . . unconscious?


In my practice as a Psychic and Energy Dynamics Consultant, I identify and guide my clients towards their “happy place.” As part of that process, I help them connect with and release their limiting beliefs, but also get them to link with their inherent guidance system, their feelings!  In that happy frequency, where they feel joy, they can manifest their greatest potential.


If our subconscious beliefs form the engine of our mind, our feelings make up the fuel that activate those beliefs.  When we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we can use our Heart & Mind Set. Despite our negative subconscious beliefs, our hearts know what’s really good for us and if we are willing to be happy, we can trigger the joy that is ours.


Here are ten tips for keeping Heart & Mind Set positive:


  1. Checking in. “How am I feeling?” I ask myself. If I’m not feeling good, I scan my mind for what thought/belief triggered that feeling.  Once the negative thought and feeling is identified, I simply choose the positive version.
  2. Gratitude. Focusing on what I have helps me feel blessed.
  3. Compassion. When others behave badly, I remember they are in scared four-year old mode.
  4. Acknowledging my little and big successes─instead of what’s still on “the to-do list.”
  5. Remembering that the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, and I will see the funny side.
  6. Removing myself from negative situations and people and staying in the presence of those who love me. Doing what “feels good.”
  7. Singing (in my head) “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong (especially after the 6 o’clock news!)
  8. Reliving good times, triggering memories of being young, happy, loved and the “anything is possible” feeling. And it still is.
  9. Revisiting my beautiful client testimonials and knowing my value.
  10. Living in my “happy place” whether it has manifested yet, or not.