Natasha J. Rosewood


“What kind of people come to see you?” skeptics sometimes ask, their tone of voice implying that I only consult with lunatics. “People from all walks of life, ” I respond oh-so-patiently. “A common question for people who do not know which way to go in life is, ‘How can I get unstuck?’”

“And what do you tell them?”

“That being stuck is a negative way of saying we need to take a break.”

In our Western culture and our headlong rush towards success and then death, (not always in that order) we do not allow ourselves permission to not know our destination.  Feeling stuck is part of the human process and serves a purpose. Stuckness is about standing still for a while and allowing ourselvesto take stock. For if we resist our stuckness, it only expands.

So just for today, honor your stuckness.Psychic Palm Reading & Motivation | Natasha Rosewood |

  1. Accept what is now. You are not stuck, just resting.
  2. Let your life unfold naturally. Wait and trust.
  3. Ask for help. Be open to a different perspective.
  4. Throw an “idea party.” Brainstorm, exchange ideas, give and receive support.
  5. Invite someone you admire to be your mentor.
  6. Recognize that you are not stuck, merely regrouping and preparing for a new life.
  7.  Decide to see your life as a movie and write your dreams into your script.
  8. What do you really, really want?  Pursue the most exciting and/or scariest options.
  9. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  10. Take one action every day towards that bigger picture. No matter how small the deed, you are still moving forward.

And then  . . . you are no longer stuck!