Halelujah!  Happy 2017 is almost here.

To all my dear friends and clients─who are now friends─ Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Buon Natale, God Jul, Gluckliche Weihnachten (sorry, they are all the languages I know) and a Happy New Year!

2016 has been for many an intense year, for good or for bad.  As a “Universal 9” year, the energy has been urging us to complete, move, clean up, clear out and end what is no longer of use to us. For some that has meant the completion of their lives.  Many of us have lost near and dear ones.  We will, of course, continue to celebrate those spirits and hold them in our hearts. As individuals grieving our losses in our own way, we will know when we are ready for the next act in our life’s movie.

The good news is that now we have made space for the new, 2017 is a year of beginnings. Exciting developments are on the horizon for those of us who are ready to embrace rebirth.  Whatever you have been focusing on, dreaming of or working towards can finally manifest this year.  So stay present, hold faith in joy, know that your lives are all truly guided, you are never alone and you are always unconditionally loved. In all that has gone before─good or bad─there is a gift of awakening.  Only you can give yourself permission to be your highest, greatest and happiest self. Choose gratitude and happiness.  Watch darkness disappear as you shine your brightest light.  You can change your world for the better.  Make your heaven here on earth.  Halelujah!  See you there!