GOFUNDME campaign – June 28,

https://www.gofundme.com/2bmjjz82016 (Please copy and paste this into your web browser.)

When you donate a little or a lot to my project, I will be able to  breathe more light into this world in the form of inspiration, empowerment, humor and funding for the education and feeding of  children. And oh yes, I will be able to pay the talented individuals who enable me to launch this website and then we can all eat! Yay!

Project:  Launching Inspiration

Natasha Rosewood


Who Am I?

For the last twenty years, (and beyond) I have devoted my energy to inspiring others to realize their greatest  potential by understanding  how they can master their own minds, trust their intuition and utilize the universal laws of energy.  Through private consultations, workshops, corporate events and  three self-published books  (so far),  TV and radio shows, I have been able to support thousands of people in changing their lives, making peace with their pasts, acknowledging their latent talents and becoming fully realized human beings.

More recently, my husband and I have contributed desks, educational supplies and some funds to a Mexican foundation, PorLosNinos, (For The Children) in Zihuatanejo. Along with others, PorLosNinos  has been recognized by the UN for its massive contribution to the education and care of Mexican children in that area.

My intention with my inspirational publishing website is to be able to hire talent so I can  go bigger and  impact more people and give more on an international level. This expansion will also allow us to donate more to children in Mexico and elsewhere.

What are the funds for?

This GoFundMe request is to launch  and promote the products on my  inspirational publishing wesbsite:  natasharosewood.com.  which so far includes my three books, spiritual healing services and corporate energy dynamics program. In development are two new books,  a  screenplay (with interest from Hollywood) and launch of the Energy Dynamics corporate program.

This entails completing the following projects:

* To pay for the reformatting  and new covers for my three beloved self-published books to suit all technologies and  e-book markets for international marketing. In process.

      These three books have met with great acclaim and deserve to be made available internationally:

          * Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic  (And You Can Be Too)

         * Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead     (And Other Psychic Adventures)

         * Mostly True GHOSTLY Stories


* Interim salary for my publicist/assistant to:

– expand social media presence

–  research and promote markets

–  research  publishers for two new books

–  organize promotional events

–  promote Corporate Energy Dynamics Program.


* Interim salary for this writer to:

–   finish and publish my next books: Flight Of Your Life.

 Following the model of my first two books, these  hilarious 70s flight attendant stories are  followed by good and bad examples of corporate  team management energy dynamics.


* Interim retainer for my web master to:

– launch, maintain  and expand newly developed  website.

– to format affiliate marketing (other author’s  books), my  podcasts and workshop webinars

–  Develop YouTube channel

How Will The Money Be Used:

Over a six- eight month period, the $50,000 will be appropriated in the following way:

* Webmaster –  $700 – $1,000 per month retainer as well as  larger projects e.g. YouTube channel development.

* Publicist/Assistant $3,000 per month retainer (or until  larger volume of sales kicks in to maintain  salary).

* Writer-  Natasha Rosewood $2500 per month. To complete the first Flight Of Your Life (half-written), develop screenplay for interested producer and secure corporate clients for Energy         Dynamics.

* $1,000 per month – Press releases, printing, graphics, computer programs.

* $500 per month to pay for travel, advertising and other miscellaneous costs.


Total per month: $8,000 or less.


How Soon Will I Need the Funds?

ASAP (so we can continue with the momentum my dream team and I are currently  building).


Why This Funding Means So Much To Me?

Receiving these funds  would mean my dream team and I could eat while we continue building the momentum we have started.  Having these funds would allow me to focus on what I love to do; inspire through writing, teaching and creating..  These funds would also pay for the  employment of at least three people until we have created international momentum and are financially self-sufficient.

By going bigger, I know that  I can effect a more positive and joyous impact on people of all ages, locally and internationally.   These books, podcasts, seminars and screenplays will not only make people laugh,  be inspired and motivated but as we are donating $1.00 or more from each product, the website will also allow us to fundraise for children more efficiently.

Judging by the appreciative  response to my first three books, I know that the world will benefit by having access to more inspiration, laughter and enlightenment.

When we have created an international momentum, I would be thrilled to  pay it forward and donate to other projects that are  doing good on the planet.


Gratitude for me is a daily practice (especially after seeing conditions in Mexico!).  I would be so happy to tell this success story so others are inspired to ask for help when they need it (not my strong point!) It will, of course, be a no-brainer for this writer and gratitude junky to share the story of the difference this funding makes!  Thank you in advance to all of you who give and contribute to  this exciting empowering movement.  You will be proud. The world is a wonderful place.  Let’s bring back laughter and make it fun again!


Thank you for your donation! https://www.gofundme.com/2bmjjz8 (Please copy and paste into your web browser.)