In my practice as an intuitive and spiritual healer, and having consulted with thousands and thousands of people of all ages and walks of life, it still astounds me as to how little we love ourselves. I come from an abusive background so I have a good excuse! But why do we, as a species, give our power away to just one or two people and believe the negative things they say. So what if that person happens to be someone “close” to us. It’s time to come back to the truth of who you REALLY are. And only you can decide that.

We, you, all of us are created by a magnificent, unlimited, beautiful, powerful universe. We are a manifested expression of that magnificence and as such also have greatness within us. Ask yourself, what would be the worst thing if you were to actually LOVE YOURSELF. And not just say it to yourself in the mirror (and that can be hard!) but I mean have compassion for yourself , like you do for others.  How would it feel if you encouraged yourself to go for it as you would your child or best friend? What would happen if you absolutely knew unequivocally that you CAN, BE, DO AND HAVE ANYTHING your little heart desires just because you exist.

Manifestation is about magnetizing to yourself that which you think and feel. But how do you know definitively what you are thinking and feeling, especially on the subconscious level? You know by the results you see in your life. Are you experiencing clarity or confusion, flow or struggle, abundance or lack? That’s what you have been giving power to in your thinking. Add the fuel of positive or negative emotion, et voila, you have a manifestation.

Humor me.  As a  manifestation practice, do something this week, perhaps even just for thirty minutes that makes you feel good. E.g. Paint, sleep, be alone, read a classic, call a friend, take a long bath, meditate, write your dream out again. Change your world and you change the world.