Sending love to all of you; family, friends and clients (present and future)) far and wide. Blessing you with a fantastic 2018.Image result for happiness photos free



At this time of year, many ask me for my psychic predictions for the coming year.  Although I have a great respect for astrology, my predictions are based more on feeling the energy with a little bit of numerology thrown in. And while I like to be aware of the energetic influences, I don’t like to blame all my computer glitches on Mercury Retrograde.  (There are plenty of scammers out there who cause me that grief.  (The Higher Powers knows who they are and I don’t envy them their very bad karma!)

In this enlightened age, hopefully most of us know by now that when we think positive thoughts, offer random acts of kindness and are open to the miraculous, we have the power to create a better world, not just “out there,” but right here in our  homes, our minds, our bodies and our souls!

As  2018 in numerology is an 11/2 year (2+0+1+ 8 = 11/2),   for those who do have good karma, who decide to do no harm, follow through on good intentions and live in  a higher  frequency, this year will prove to be a year of success, a culmination of projects, a manifestation of desires and great joy.  For those who are still resisting the good and/or for those who are deliberately causing pain (you know who you are), this year will be one of infinite struggle.   Think of this year’s energy being akin to having a powerful Lambourgini to drive. If you choose the high road, you will arrive easily and safely.  If you choose the low road, your journey will be fraught with struggle and mishaps.  Of course, you can always change direction any time.  Life flows much more easily in the kind lane. The choice is yours.  As we go through these transitional times,  energy is moving faster (or that’s how it feels) and can, therefore, be a tad unpredictable.  Be careful what you think! Your thoughts will soon become manifest.

The “11” as a master number in numerology represents a higher intelligence, the ability to manifest outcomes sooner and the opportunity to advance more rapidly through this paradigm.   A “2” year is one of partnership, cooperation, balance and harmony when lived well.  If your own life path (add  birth year + month + date = life path # then reduce to a single digit) is a 2 this year , then the next twelve months offers you even more flow.  But if this period is  lived in power struggles, resisting the flow or not for the highest good, then things, people and events can topple!  Listen to your heart, and if you don’t know the answer, ask your intuition for guidance or make a phone appointment with me!

Whatever is going on in the microcosm of your own life, know that the world at large–especially in these transitional times–needs your love, your light, your smile, your laughter, your creative ideas and your connection (and not just to your phone.)    So let’s bring back levity, laughter and luminosity. Let’s MAKE it a Happy New Year!