Life getting too much?

How Psychic Readings Can Change Mental Health
There’s been a lot of talk about mental health recently. And it’s long overdue. I grew up with someone who did not have good mental health. Back in the day, in the UK no help was available and there was a ton of shame attached to not being well. “If my mother hadn’t been psycho, I wouldn’t be psychic.” is the short story on how I became passionate about helping others find validation, clarity, hope and inspiration using my intuitive gifts. According to John Bradshaw, (Healing the Shame that Binds You), if 95% of us are, at least, dysfunctional, if not a tad eccentric then the shame part, at least, flies out the window. We are all in the same muddle club. So if you are feeling a little unhinged, overwhelmed or disconnected, it’s good to know you’re quite normal, isn’t it? What’s even better is that through my readings, I help my clients make order out of their own chaos and they emerge, feeling like everyone else. Lovable, fallible and hopeful.