Was it the Law of Attraction at work or the spirit of my recently deceased older brother reaching out?
When Lorne and I recently visited the UK─or what used to be the UK before Brexit─I suggested to Lorne that we stay overnight in Oxfordshire close to where my four siblings and I were born. From a Costa Coffee Services on the M40 and weary from driving, I asked Lorne to look online for the first available Bed and Breakfast in Bicester.
Just before five o’clock, we arrived at Ava House located in modern suburbia. We would have preferred to stay in one of Bicester’s many character B & B’s but I was too tired to do any more driving. We settled into our clean, modern room. An hour later, we decided to walk the five minutes into the center of town and at least, find a character pub for dinner.
As Lorne was locking the front entrance of our accommodation, I noticed the large house next door where a woman was pulling purple weeds from her rambling garden. “That’s a lot of work,” I commented.
The woman nodded. “Got that right,” she responded and came over to us. “Where are you from?” she asked.
“We live in Canada now but I was born near here in Stratton Audley. Do you know it?”
“Oh, yes.” She smiled. “I’ve been around here all my life.”
“I was born at the Old Water Mill in Stratton Audley,” I told her.
She gasped and stared at me. “What’s your last name?”
“Are you John Rosewood’s sister?”
It was my turn to gasp. “Yes, but how . . .”
“I went to school with him at Friston. I still have the school photo.”
As it must have been over 64 years since she had seen him, I told her, “He just passed in March.”
After exchanging contact information, Lorne and I followed Marion’s directions and walked into the town. “In a population of 65 million people, what are the chances of us bumping into someone who went to school with my older brother?” I asked Lorne. “Or was it his spirit reaching out?”
“What do you think he was he trying to communicate?” Lorne asked.
I shrugged. “Although John is gone, perhaps it’s his way of letting us know that he’s with us on this trip down memory lane.”