As spring in the air, it is a time of new beginnings. However, 2016 is a 9 universal year which means a time of completions, transitions and, for some, transformation. I don’t know about you, but my whole life feels like one long transformation. Some clients comment that I am an inspiration. “Why?” I ask astounded. “You keep reinventing yourself,” they say. Hmm? The truth is that I get bored easily and am always seeking more. But isn’t expansion is what we came here to do? Onward and upward.

This year, as you will see from the feel of my new website:, I am blending my 40 years (yikes!) of intuitive and spiritual healing work with my excitement about teaching manifestation. Writing good quality humorous (mostly) and enlightening (hopefully) books, funny, romantic screenplays and blogs is also a major focus. As we go forward now, it is especially important for us to think happy feeling thoughts, stay in a higher frequency of joy and shine our brightest lights to illuminate the dark that, at the moment, feels like it’s polarizing. From this lightness of being, attracting joy─ and whatever brings us joy─ is then organic. Like attracts like.

When manifesting your dream, get into the feeling first of having what you want that makes you happy. Fake it till you make it. Pretend, visualize, imagine others positive reactions, feel the relief. Get happy first, then the thing that makes you happy will appear. Saying “Thank you Universe for bringing me my greatest joy,” also affirms your willingness to receive gifts. Ah. Doesn’t that feel good?