Natasha J. Rosewood



“Hey, darlin’.  Do you want to go waterskiin’?” I was asked while languoring on a beach in Barbados.

In the shallow blue waters, the “look-out” helped me into the skis and then handed me the rope pull.  “Jost sit back in de water, darlin’,” he instructed.

As the boat pulled away, I leaned backwards, and fell. We tried again. I fell forwards.  We tried again. I fell sideways.

After five attempts, the look-out leaned over the back of the boat. “Listen, darlin’,” he said.  “all you have to do is lean back in de water and let de boat do de work for you.” It worked.

I realize that we all have a boat pulling us through life. It’s called intuition.

Here are ten more benefits:

  1. Intuition gives us the truth.
  2. Intuition provides us with wisdom.
  3. Intuition guides us towards positive or away from negative situations.
  4. Intuition empowers us to prognosticate a current reality into the future, and if need be, change it.
  5. Intuition gives us a healthier perspective.
  6. Intuition speaks to us constantly from a more intelligent vibration
  7. Intuition lets us know we are never alone.
  8. Intuition asks us to trust what we feel.
  9. Intuition gives us permission to use all our senses.
  10. Intuition is always for our highest good.

By letting “de boat” do the work, I not only stayed upright but did a wide figure of eight and glided gracefully back onto the beach where a hoard of inspired spectators offered me congratulatory          cocktails.

Thank you, Mon!