Life is a beach!




 © Natasha J. Rosewood

  1. KNOW THAT YOU CAN IN-TU-IT. Just as animals in the jungle have sensory perception to survive their predators, we humans have also been given─for our protection─a way to sense the invisible. You can know, without knowing. Intuitive Intelligence has the answers, but until you can trust that inner voice, you will be relying on the unreliable ego.

2. MAKE IT EASY AND EFFORTLESS with BLT. Before embarking on any project, ask and listen to Intuitive Intelligence. That guidance can save you a lot of “doing.”  For five minutes or longer per day, just be still, relax, close your eyes and just be.  Intuition is a BLT:  * BE * LISTEN * TRUST.

3.  IS IT FEAR OR INTUITION? When you get those negative feelings, how can you know the whether it’s fear or intuition?  Check in with your physical body.  If fear thoughts are bouncing around in your head, then THE EGO is messing with you. If, however, feelings of dread are coming from your gut or elsewhere in your body, it’s probably a warning.

4. BE OPEN TO THE OPPOSITE OF “REAL: Sometimes given your current reality, intuitive information doesn’t make sense. Intuition never lies.  While it’s easy to judge the information as “crazy,” remember to stay open to the guidance or ignore it  … at your own risk.

5.   THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM IS WITHIN THE PROBLEM (Albert Einstein) He also said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it.  You have to rise above the problem, look down on it, and see it with a new perspective.  Ask that intelligence for the answer and wait for the solution to appear.

6. MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS. Your intuition speaks to you through your solar plexus, the chakra in the top of your stomach area, hence  “gut feelings.”  Ask your question, imagine the potential situation, and check in with your gut. Does it feel right or wrong, good or bad?   

7.  IS IT “JUST IMAGINATION” OR INTUITION? When you have a vision, you may ask, “Am I making this up?”   Know that your imagination is your intuition and whatever pops in, contains guidance within it.  Use your imagination to create the future you want, and then use your intuition to feel out if that imagining is right for you.

8. THE “WHY AM I HERE?” SYNDROME At least one time in your life, you have probably asked yourself the question, why am I here? Those answers can be accessed through your intuition.  When you sense the bigger picture of your life, you will understand and have more peace.

9. LET YOUR DREAMS DO THE WORK: The easiest way to get creative solutions is to ask your mind, before you fall asleep.   Set intention  to remember your dreams.  Then keep a dream journal.

10.WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS . . . LET GO  When we just don’t know, and feel stuck, get out of the way. Surrender and let the universe know the outcome you want,  and then  let go, really let go. If you allow  Intuitive Intelligence to take the reins, solutions will miraculously appear, so you can trust more and worry less.