(And Why You Should be Listening)

Dreaming In The Fantasy Night - Fashion Girl Sitting On Moon


“Oh, I don’t dream,”  my client, Mary stated.

“If you really don’t dream,” I responded, “you should be in a loony bin.   After three days of non-sleeping, and therefore non-dreaming, your ego mind would go into  overwhelm.  Serious drinkers, drug addicts and other people who have not slept at a level where they can dream,  have been known to go insane,” I added.

According to Ann Faraday  of The Dream Game, we sleep so we CAN dream.  Of course, during sleep, the body also gets a chance to rest and renew.  After our ego waking states have taken in over 66,000 bits of information (or thereabouts) during the day, we need to download and file all that information into its appropriate subconscious slots.  As the information is filed away, our subconscious also spews up the truth about how we feel about what we have taken in. This process is called dreaming.  As we know, our dreams are revealed to us in a jigsaw puzzle of LSD-like-induced disjointed images.  But everything and everybody in our dreams is giving us information, guidance and truths we may not acknowledge in our waking state.  When understood, they can offer  peace of mind in our waking lives.   The benefits of being more connected to  your subconscious, and listening to the wisdom of  its messages are worth the initial study of symbols, and ongoing practice.

So what are your dreams telling you?  Dreams can warn.  Recurring dreams gently nudge us toward unfinished business that might require awareness and healing.  Dreams can help us find missing items or people. Dreams can predict our immediate and long term future. (Who needs a psychic?).  Dreams can solve problems, show us inventions and write songs. Our dead peeps can also show up in our dreams. (Much less alarming than appearing at the end of the bed!) Nightmares can even be a release for hidden anger and fear.  In this age of poor mental health, disconnected society (Thanks FB!)  and spiritually-starved individuals, the question might not be, “What are my dreams telling me?”  Perhaps we should ask “Why aren’t I listening to my own guidance system?” Duh! To learn more about What Your Dreams are Telling You (And Why You Should be Listening) come to my Questers Talk on this topic March 21, 2018.  And/or sign up for one of my six-hour workshops April 14, 2018 in Kelowna.  See my 2018 calendar for details.