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“So . . . Natasha,” one man asked me at a social gathering, “what kind of people come to see you to get their fortune told?” From his cynical tone, I knew that he was a non-believer.  He also did not understand the power of his own multi-dimensional mind or know that I have helped thousands of people in my 40-plus experience in their growth process.  While it’s true that I do see potential futures, it is the client’s own intention that will make those positive futures manifest.

“I am not a fortune-teller,” is my response to the cynic’s question.  “While there are many psychics out there─and they all work differently─my intention is to identify the truth of not just who my client is in the present, but also validate what they have been through in the past and show them who they can become in the future. . . if they so choose.”

Just as you might go to the doctor for your physical check-up, you would come to see me to check in with your spirit.  I look to see if all six levels of your consciousness are working cohesively so that your life is in flow.  If you are not in harmony on all levels, and there is mental, physical, emotional or spiritual “dis-ease,” I offer spiritual guidance, psychological tools, or if there is an old, destructive negative pattern, I may suggest a past life regression with yours truly. If their healing requires ongoing counselling, I may refer them to another qualified specialist. Whatever it takes, I support clients in clearing energy blocks that are getting in the way of their joy.

Out of all the descriptors my clients have given me─coach, psychic psychologist, counsellor, empowerer, spirit healer, miracle-worker, validator, life-saver, bang-on psychic, angel and “amazing,” I have never been called “fortune teller.”   My peeps know better!

Carla from Vancouver summed it up beautifully. “Your readings over the many years have always been a great beacon of light for me along my life path!  A lighthouse of truth, clarity and love always supporting my on-going growth and the highest expression of my Self! “

“So . . .,” I ask the enlightened cynic, “when would you like to book your appointment?”