Whether you are experiencing an “irrational” deep fear which interferes in your life or if you are stuck in a loving but conflicted relationship or just merely curious, a Past Life Regression can quickly access the root of the conflict and give you the answers you seek.


  • In Person
  • Skype

The Process:

Please allow up to two hours for these sessions. There are four stages to this healing process. We first discuss and identify your fears and how they affect your current life.  You can then relax while I give you my guided physical healing and rejuvenating visualization. Then in a gentle guided visualization─ where you can access your subconscious─I ask your mind to replay the past experiences that you need to re-visit so you can complete, heal and release them. Once you are in full waking state, we then interpret the “movies” you have just seen to bring understanding, forgiveness and re-empowerment into the present life.

After the regression most clients─whether having felt physical or emotional pain─ feel an immediate release and improvement in their situation.  Others might take a little longer to fully “recalibrate”  their new truth and step back fully into their power.

Contact me to find out about your fascinating past so you can understand who you are today, your purpose and how you can be free to experience true joy in this lifetime.

Included: Digital Recording

* Children 16 or under need to be accompanied by a trusted adult.