With home-grown terrorists surfacing everywhere, as well as unpopular US presidential candidates and other horrors at the forefront of our consciousness, are we being led to believe that humanity is going to hell in a handbasket? The media would have us think so. Word on the street is people are now becoming afraid to travel, go to gatherings and even the mall. What’s really going on?
While the world is being painted as a dark and dangerous place, I beg to differ. In my line of work, both as a former flight attendant and current intuitive, I notice how mostly GOOD we are. Human beings─of any race─are essentially resilient, emotionally wounded, brave, insecure, talented, highly creative, sometimes irrational, sensitive and . . . loving. Our souls want to make a positive difference. But in this climate of fear, how can we be empowered to change outcomes?
To fear or to love? That is the question. Our thoughts and feelings create our world.
The choice is ours. We can become trapped by fear thoughts and cower away from life. Or we can realize a more beautiful world where our chosen perception─not the media version─becomes our reality. According to the Laws of Attraction, we draw to us what we feel, think and focus on. A belief is a thought we keep thinking and thoughts can be changed, for better or worse. If you prefer to live in a better world, know that you have the power to perceive, believe in and conceive paradise, to realize your dream. As a human being, choosing your own reality is the most powerful tool you possess.
What do you choose? In my world, I opt for hilarity, children’s laughter, beauty in all people, safety, grace, healing miracles, mutual empowerment, endless abundance, heartfelt caring, playfulness, divine love, unlimited creativity, expansion of minds, a celebration of each other’s diversity and so much more. Sound good? I hope to see you there.